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Don’t let wasps stop you from enjoying a beautiful New Zealand summer!

Wasp control can be a problem throughout New Zealand especially during the summer months as they are building their nests. Wasps also bring with them the added problem of being equipped with venomous stings that are painful and quite dangerous to certain people who may have an allergy. In some cases, a sting can produce an anaphylactic shock. Their nests can appear in a variety of places - in the ground, within a roof, and others can be suspended in a tree.

Wasps will harbour up to 5,000 more wasps within
their nest, ready to attack by autumn

A hibernating wasp Queen will start building a nest in spring with 10‐20 eggs. Once the larvae have developed into workers ,they will continue to enlarge the nest as they feed the newer larvae. They will generally feed on nearby flower nectar or fruit. The size of the nest will continue to grow throughout the summer and will reach its final size in autumn with up to 5000 wasps within the nest.

Wasp nests are extremely dangerous and should only
be handled by pest management professionals

A wasp nest should not be tackled without the knowledge or help of a professional. At times wasps can appear quite docile, but more often thannot, they are very aggressive. Our professionals are equipped with the correct safety gear and are prepared to handle these potentially dangerous situations.


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