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There is no need to allow spiders and their unsightly
webs dominate your home or commercial premises

Numerous spiders are found throughout New Zealand. Most of our spiders are harmless though they are still quite capable of producing fear and revulsion among many people. Spider webs are often more of a nuisance than the spiders themselves because they can also appear unsightly and cause your residence or commercial premises to look unclean.

A consistent approach to spider control can easily keep them away and save you endless hours of cleaning.

There are two spiders that are poisonous in
New Zealand – the Whitetail and the Red Back

The Whitetail is an Australian import and has been in New Zealand for about 100 years. The bite from a Whitetail is venomous and painful but not usually dangerous. Though the bite can become infected by bacteria that may be carried by the spider, the infection can sometimes become ulcerated.

The Redback is also an Australian import. It is only the adult female that is capable of biting a person. However these bites are rare and there is an anti- venom available for Redback bites.

Direct Pest Control can eradicate any spiders that are present on your residential or commercial property.


Debbie, Auckland

Rodents gone! I had trouble with vermin for years and thought I had tried everything! Direct Pest and Carpet were able to eradicate them promptly to my disbelief, I would... definitely recommend them to anyone.


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