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Flea infestations are more common than we would like to admit!

While most people would rather not admit that they have fleas, they are a fairly common problem throughout New Zealand, particularly in households with pets. Flea eggs can drop onto the carpet only to hatch at a later time when a food source is close by. In fact, these flea cocoons can remain inactive for several years in a dwelling where there is no activity.

This is why flea control problems become apparent when people return from holiday, or when people move into a home that has been vacant for some time. Fleas generally do not feed on human blood, but will do so if all other food sources have disappeared..

Using over-the-counter for controlling fleas will not resolve the root causes of the infestation

It is very difficult to manage a flea infestation due to their pupae stage. Flea larvae feed on the raw material found in bedding and carpets. In fact, there are more fleas found in bedding and carpets than on your pets.

Flea bombs will only rid you of the adult fleas, but will have no effect on the fleas that have yet to hatch. Our highly skilled technicians will conduct a meticulous inspection and will pinpoint the areas where the flea larvae are living.


Debbie, Auckland

Rodents gone! I had trouble with vermin for years and thought I had tried everything! Direct Pest and Carpet were able to eradicate them promptly to my disbelief, I would... definitely recommend them to anyone.


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