Ant Control

To effectively eradicate an ant infestation,
it is imperative to target them where they live

Ant infestations are particularly difficult to control given their nature and habits. Ants have been known to carry food over long distances to their nests. This is why it is extremely vital to target them where they live. Our team at Direct Pest Control are experts in controlling ant infestations. We will apply repellents and insecticides to the outside exterior foundation walls of your house, creating a treated area of protection.

Direct Pest Control’s methods are proven and provide
long-term prevention for controlling ant infestations

We also use a special insecticidal dust inside walls, in the roof void, and even in cracks and crevices. Ants are immediately eradicated once they come into contact with our special insecticidal dust. These dusts cannot be used outside on the ground, as they will blow away in the wind. Insecticidal dusts can be used effectively directly pumped into ant nests. A fine dust is pumped into the nest and enters all the galleries of the nest. Soon the ants living in the nest are controlled and eliminated.

A combination of methods will need to be employed
to successfully eradicate ants from your property

We also employ baiting as a control method, while this is usually a slow process, it is highly effective. In order to achieve overall success in ant control, we need to employ a combination of proven methods. Surface sprays are also useful for effective ant control. We try to form an external and internal chemical barrier to prevent ants from entering your commercial building or residence. A surface spray treatment to the perimeter of the building, as well as on the inside, is an effective way to create such barriers.


Debbie, Auckland

Rodents gone! I had trouble with vermin for years and thought I had tried everything! Direct Pest and Carpet were able to eradicate them promptly to my disbelief, I would... definitely recommend them to anyone.


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Thorough inspections & sound advice

Thorough inspections and sound advice is what you can expect from our dedicated team of pest management specialists

Direct Pest Control will inspect and survey your commercial or residential premises thoroughly before we do anything. This is essential for effective ant control. We follow the trails and try to establish where their nests are. We also advise you on hygiene and sanitation matters to prevent future ant infestations.

Direct Pest Control can help control your
pest problem properly the first time!

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